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Tory Bailey Jr. – Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program

Tory Bailey Jr., as a youthful tennis player displayed progressive ability to learn and play the tactical game. He was introduced to tennis at very young age. He displayed natural ability to play tournaments, by the age of six. Tennis continued through his formative years, with training in his community of South Los Angeles, CA. Struggles began to surface with non-success in tournament play. Higher level coaching was not readily available. Not until he became fully engaged in the PBJTP, did the tennis game show steady improvement.


Tory is now in high school, and the tennis pathway had been hampered by Charter high school physical education program deficiencies, and tennis coaching in the underserved community of which he lives. Physical Education with tennis, as an option, did not exist in his school; therefore no formal high school tennis or CIF tennis experience. The Charter school system had no sustainable programs.


Tory, also has experienced rapid growth, (Osgood Slaughter’s Disease) and this hampered his tennis progression. Now a Junior, in Connections Academy, home schooled, allowed flexibility, the ability to combine education, and high performance tennis instruction.


His goals are to improve the UTR score, and receive high performance tennis instruction. A second goal is to successfully play in top level junior tennis tournaments, (Level 1, Easter Bowl, and Nationals). His goal is to play tennis for an academic/ tennis collegiate program. Last, but not least, to continue assisting the PBJTP with junior development.


Physical bio-Born 10-26-2003, Bellflower.CA, present age 16, gender- Male, Ht. 6’ 2”, Wt. 150 lbs.
Education – Home schooled, Connections Academy, 11th grade, honor roll student, expected graduation 2021. College selection undetermined.


Universal Tennis Ranking – 9.59 singles and 9.69 doubles, Right handed, with 2 hand backhand.