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PBJTP's mission is to grow and promote junior tennis as a platform for developing character, physical fitness, and lifetime achievement.

PBJTP offers participants opportunities and support to reach their highest potential through tennis, education, and community.

We appreciate any of the support donated to the program. Scan our GoFundme QR code or click here to visit the site, thank you!

PBJTP Top Players

Maxi Duncan

Maxi’s aggressive base-line game and her versatile agility allow her to come forward and finish at the net. Maxi’s off-court time is spent enjoying reading and cooking. Coached by her dad, Gerald Duncan, a former USA professional basketball player and NBA.

Tory Bailey Jr.

Tory Bailey Jr., as a youthful tennis player displayed progressive ability to learn and play the tactical game. He was introduced to tennis at very young age.

Rachael Ray Show - PBJTP receives $10,000 donation from the Bryan Brothers Foundation!

Our endless thanks and appreciation go to the Bryan Brothers Foundation and Rachael Ray for this amazing donation. We are so happy to use these funds in our program to continue growing and helping our community that very much needs it.


Changing eating habits in our community one bite at a time!

Working together with Yum-o to change community eating habits.


PBJTP values education and academic excellence through its vigilant programming within the community

Player Development

Tennis development programs are held at 3 park sites within the inner-city communities Jessie Tatum Harvard, St. Andrews, and Lueders Parks.  Training and fitness for all levels ages 5 – 18 from beginners to advanced players.  We also offer the program to adult seniors.  Summer camps and sanctioned tournaments are included.

Education Programs

Academic Creative Enhancement Program (ACE) which consist of mentoring, tutoring, and teaching life and social skills to the children.  Computer Literacy teaching computer dynamics – software, operating systems, hardware, internet, apps, search engines, social media, and introduction to coding.  Mandarin Chinese teaches new language and culture.  Academic exposure by taking the kids on field trips to college campus tours, historical sites, museums, travel, and career lectures by industry representatives.

Community Outreach

Volunteers and fundraising to support weekly programming and events.  Community Outreach services extended through University Southern California, Riviera Country Club, Mountain Gate Country Club, USTA Foundation, and Aceing Autism.  Sponsorships of children’s education and extracurricular needs through community service and neighborhood participation.

Eating Healthy

Reaching goals! Kids need to eat healthy, at times it is hard for inner city kids to afford healthy foods. The most affordable foods are usually processed foods and here at PBJTP we believe we can help kids to eat better with healthier habits. Our talented Chef Roman is helping us create a menu which is affordable and healthy for our community kids.

Come have fun while you LEARN, GROW & Be Yourself!

Commitment to Excellence

PBJTP was formed to continue Coach Brown’s mission of providing a safe and positive place for young people to learn and excel at the game of tennis and life through college scholarships and professional careers.


Help provide resources and opportunities to current and prospective student-athletes.

Sponsors are invited to attend Harvard Park Junior Tennis Demo Day to observe junior tennis athletes.

Tournament Fund

Unrestricted tournament fund for registration and tournament fees


In-State Travel Fund

Unrestricted travel funds for in-state tournament travel related expenses


National Traveling Tournament Fund

Unrestricted tennis, fitness, & travel coach training, out-of-state travel expenses for yearly approval, tournament entry fees


Youth Participants









Fundraising efforts set up to provide help and raise money for student-athletes in need


The following are various partnership opportunities for consideration. Join us, help bring our programming to more underserved youth: Legends Annual Luncheon. Pete Brown Annual Tournament. Jackie Tatum Annual Tournament. Harvard & Rancho Park, Los Angeles CA. Weekend Booth Sales – Snacks and Donated Tennis Items. Silent Auction with In-Kind Donations


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